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What is 21 Destiny Prayers? 21 Destiny Prayers will reveal God’s plan for your life! We all have a destiny because God does not create something without a purpose. I define destiny as a divine purpose and divine inheritance that God spoke and wrote about each one of us before the foundation of this world. Everything that I am to…

What Are Your Values?

As we get close to the end of another year, it is crucial to evaluate our values in life. Doing this has helped guide me on whether I am on the right track to achieving my goals and focusing on things that are productive to my life's purpose, or not. I also pray to God for greater wisdom and discernment…

Crisis In Family Relationships

                       Crisis in Family Relationships In life we cannot choose the family we come from; God decides where we are placed. There are some exceptions to this, such as being adopted or a child that is leaving his/her family to live with relatives. Some experiences in family relationships may be…

Overcoming the white python in my dream

I want to share a little bit about my background because I know that this dream may seem scary or even unreal to some people. This event is a part of my life’s story, and I do not take it lightly. When Simi contacted me to share this dream, I gladly said yes, because I love to talk about the…

Get In The Driver’s Seat Dream

Dream: Get In The Drivers Seat I was in a car with my daughter, she was in the driver’s seat and driving the vehicle. The car was quite small, like greenish in color. We came to a police checkpoint and we had to stop because there were cops there. My daughter tried to stop the car, but the car would…

Weapons of Praise, Worship And Dance

Praising and worshiping God during a time of hardship, difficulty, or crisis can be the last option on our minds, especially if all doors seem to be closed-up around us. We may feel alone, disappointed, or let down by others close to us, and the cry of our heart could be, “why me? I did everything I was meant to…


Welcome to Divine Purpose Counseling And Coaching. Our goal is to see lives transformed through God’s love and power and to walk alongside with people in their journey to fulfill their divine purpose and destiny in life.

Divine Purpose Counseling and Coaching serves those who are emotionally wounded through Inner Healing. We do this by helping our counselees see the root cause of the pain and trauma which may be covered up. We invite the Lord to bring healing, removing the negative pictures, and replacing them with pictures of His love so that the counselees can experience lasting inner peace as they continue their journey in life.

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