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I SEE MYSELF THE WAY GOD SEES ME I received deliverance in several areas of my life after going through inner healing counseling at Divine Purpose Counseling and Coaching. I had experienced rejection and jealousy by those I respected and trusted. Because of this, my views of myself was low, I also made inner vows […]

September 11, 2020

Divine Purpose



Abraham and Sarah were getting tired of waiting for the promise, they were almost giving up. God stepped in to encourage them and to confirm His promise to them. He asked them a question “Is there anything too hard for the Lord?” Gen.18:14 When something big is about to happen to change the course and […]

Children laugh without thinking about who is watching them. Especially as toddlers, they laugh at things that we as adults don’t think is funny. We may even think it’s annoying. They have such a huge sense of humor and I love it. Looking back now, I remember the days of peekaboo with my kids, telling […]