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Hearing God

Man is made of a spirit, soul, and body and in order to enter into wholeness and inner peace, these areas of our lives must be free from foundational pollution or hindrances caused by the pain we have experienced or are still experiencing in our lives. Hurts or pain inflicted on us by others can leave a deep scar in our hearts. These scars can open the door to unseen hindrances that can block us from having complete joy, happiness, or fulfillment in our lives.

We focus on Inner Healing Prayer with deliverance sessions as led by the guidance of the Holy Spirit. These prayer series will break the bondages and hindrances, linked to generational sins and curses, or sins and curses brought upon by self-action, past or present sins or mistakes.

The Inner Healing Prayer ministry will not only break the power of these curses and sins over one’s life but also sever all ungodly soul ties, eliminating negative beliefs, and break all inner vows. Total freedom comes when the Lord Jesus, the king of glory, steps into our lives shining His light into every dark area of our lives to bring freedom and restoration. Anyone can experience freedom in Christ and release from demonic oppression that hinders our joy, peace, and fulfillment in life. The Inner Healing Prayer ministry goes to the root of the problem eliminating the oppression, uprooting the strongholds of negative energy from the foundation of our lives. Have you experienced a traumatic experience? This can be a serious hindrance to living in complete freedom of spirit, soul, and body. The Inner Healing Prayer process that we offer is intense and it will take your devotion, commitment, and obedience to the Holy Spirit through the reading of the word of God, meditating on the word, confessing the word daily and communing with the Holy Spirit in order to be fully and completely healed.

Steps to Inner Healing using Prayers That Heal the Heart:

  • Break generational sins and curses
  • Sever ungodly soul ties
  • Replace negative beliefs with God’s promises
  • Renounce inner vows and replace them with Godly purposes
  • Receive divine visions to heal painful scenes
  • Break word curses spoken over you
  • Cast out every demonic stronghold that has connected itself to these inner wounds.