Get In The Driver’s Seat Dream

Get In The Driver’s Seat Dream

Get In The Driver’s Seat Dream

Get in the drivers seat

Dream: Get In The Drivers Seat

I was in a car with my daughter, she was in the driver’s seat and driving the vehicle. The car was quite small, like greenish in color. We came to a police checkpoint and we had to stop because there were cops there. My daughter tried to stop the car, but the car would not stop, though she pressed the brake. The car rolled off on its own, passing the police checkpoint without stopping. The police tried to stop us, but my daughter could not control the car to bring it to a stop. We saw another police checkpoint right in front of us; my daughter stepped on the breaks to stop, but the car just slowly went by the checkpoint a second time, passing through without stopping though she was meant to stop the car.  Straight ahead we saw another checkpoint down the road not far away,  she tried to stop the car but the car did not stop, it slowly went through the third police checkpoint. This time the cop tried to stop us, but the car did not stop. As the car went by the third police checkpoint, it slowly stopped down the road a few feet from the cop. I told my daughter to get out of the car and to let me drive. I got out of the passenger’s seat and got into the driver’s seat to drive the car.

Settings of my real life

I was working on different projects that were work-related and at the same time, I had to handle another personal project that was in the line of education. I had set a goal for myself on the completion time of the educational project and thought I was making huge progress in completing the project. I was disappointed when I found out the day before I had this dream that I was still far away from achieving my goal of completing the educational project, and this reality put me under a lot of pressure. I started thinking about what I could do in order to quickly complete the project, I felt like jumping, running, scaling through it because I did not want to keep working on it beyond the time I had set to get it accomplished. I got really anxious and pressured, so I got out the materials and my idea board for the educational project despite the fact that I was really exhausted and needed to rest, and on top of that it was really late at night. I ignored my feeling of exhaustion and I started working on the project until early hours of the following morning. Although I was extremely fatigued and had other pressing commitments and projects to work on in the morning, I ignored my body and the voice of the Holy Spirit telling me to rest in Him. That day my mind had the upper hand as I kept calculating and trying to figure out how to meet my goal and the deadline I set for myself of finishing that project.

When interpreting dreams or visions in the night, it is important to know that our dreams are symbolic and they are addressing issues of our hearts. Though this rule is not absolute, some dreams are literal, prophetic or spiritual warfare. The Holy Spirit must not be left out when interpreting our dreams. We must welcome Him to show us what the Lord is trying to tell us through our dreams and visions in the night.

Interpretation and symbols in my dream

My daughter: Symbolic for my rational and humanistic mind that is focused only on the educational project I am working on, and allowing its pressure to control me. In real life, my daughter is very studious, everything she does is about her academics, and her studies come first. She lives in that box, nothing else is more important than her education and keeping up with her grades.  At the time of this dream those were her priority, and the world she lived in.

Myself in the dream: My conscious side that is balanced. In real life, my conscious side relies on the Holy Spirit, I hand over my day, my life and everything to Him. I ask Him to accomplish through me all that I need to get done. I also surrender my future to God for His perfect will to be done in my life. This has helped me through so many pressures in life; handing over all my plans to God and allowing Him to work it all out for me, instead of depending on my rational mind and allowing the stress and demands of life to run me over.

The small car: Symbolic for my Life. I had made everything about my life so small by allowing my mind to control me. At that point, I was not in control.

The police checkpoints: Symbolic for the spiritual authority over every area of my life: God the Father, God the Son and the God the Holy Spirit; they guide me and put me in check.

Summary of the dream: I was allowing my mind to take over the way I normally process things, achieve them and get them done. My daughter, symbolic for that side of me(my mind, intellect) is now controlling me. I had put myself in a box, by allowing my rational mind to dictate how I go about achieving my goals for the academic/educational project. My rational mind was driving me, and it was not stopping to allow me to hear what God, the Lord Jesus or the Holy Spirit had to say to me. They all put me in check when I am going in the wrong direction, and set me on the right path, through my submission and obedience. Towards the end of my dream, I told my daughter to park the car and I got in the driver’s seat to drive the car.
The dream was telling me that I needed to get back in the driver’s seat. I must get back on track in my complete dependence on God to help me daily, instead of being controlled by my mind and the pressures of situations that I cannot control.
Events After: I repented for allowing my mind and anxiety to control me, instead of trusting God to accomplish the work through me. I surrendered the completion of the project to God and asked Him to take full control of all I that had to do. To His glory, I completed that project, though not at my set date of completion, but it did not hinder the completion of my other projects as I had thought it would in the beginning. God gave me the grace, and strength to work through everything that I needed to get done and to fulfill my commitments.

Simi Adigun
Executive Director,
Divine Promise Counseling and Coaching

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