Prayer Against Marital Delay

Prayer Against Marital Delay

marital prayer in the courtroom of heaven

Prayer Against Marital Delay

Start by asking the Holy Spirit to lead you in prayer and as the Lord Jesus to walk with you into the courtroom of heaven,(Heb.12:18, 22-24).  Ask the Holy Spirit to sharpen your five senses of the spirit so you can see, hear, sense and feel what is going on in the courtroom. Sometimes you may not see pictures of anything, you may just sense or hear what is going on in the courtroom because we are spiritual beings living in a body. The courtroom prayer is a prayer of faith, you must have faith and trust God that God He is true to His word and He will vindicate you because we have Jesus on our side and His blood is speaking for us in the courtroom of heaven. He is our Advocate, trust Him.

Prayer: I come into the courtroom of heaven to my Heavenly Father, the Righteous Judge of heaven and earth. You are the Judge that is seated on the throne, You wrap yourself in light as with a garment, You stretch out the heavens like a tent (Psalm 104:2). I stand in Your presence under the covering of the blood Jesus that speaks better things than the blood of Abel, and under the covering and the covenant of your love for me (Psalm 86:5, Ephe. 2:4-5). The blood of Jesus Christ makes all things new in my life. Father, I come into your presence to petition on the ground of what you have written in my scroll/my book before the foundation of this world (Jer.1:5, Job 10:10-12), especially in the area of the union between the bone of my bone and the flesh of my flesh. Father, it is possible that the adversary may have a case against me in the mobile court of heaven which may be blocking me from stepping into your divine promise of marital union. I have come into the mobile court of heaven today to seek your mercy and grace in the area of marriage. I would like to call my accusers into this courtroom and I want the accuser to say the accusation that is against me in the area of stepping into the blessings of a marital union (Be still and listen here in your spirit to hear the accusation against you. You may be hearing different accusations which could be in the form of words or you may see a picture of something that you are familiar with or an event that happened in your life in the past. Remember these accusations are giving the enemy legal grounds against you in the area of marriage, this may be something passed down through your generational bloodline. Even if you don’t hear, see or sense anything, agree with the accuser).

Agree with the accuser: Heavenly Father, I see that the adversary has a case against me which is giving them legal grounds in my life in the area of marriage. I now agree with my accuser quickly regarding all the accusations against me according to your word in Matt 5:25.  My Righteous Judge I call on my Advocate, the Lord Jesus and I apply His blood that was shed for me to cleanse, purify and wash me and my generational bloodline of all the accusations against us before this court. I ask Father for your forgiveness of all my sins, transgressions and iniquities that has given my adversary legal grounds against me and my generational bloodline. In humility, I repent today and I ask for your forgiveness in the name of your Son Jesus Christ, my Savior.  I also pray for your mercy and forgiveness for my ancestors and anyone in my generational bloodline linked to me that has committed this sin, transgressions, and iniquity and given the enemy legal grounds to hold me in bondage and hinder me in the area of marriage and conception. I thank you, Father, for your forgiveness and for cleansing me from this sin, transgression, and iniquities in the name of Jesus Christ and for giving me the verdict “not guilty!” (Be quiet here, to see, hear or sense what is going on in the courtroom).

Ask for divorce papers: Heavenly Father, I want to ask this court for divorce papers between me and the spirit that is blocking me from entering into your blessings of marriage and conception. I do want this spirit, its cohorts, familiar and familial spirit near me or my lineage any longer. I now take this divorce papers, I place it in my spirit, and I cover it with the blood of Jesus as a testimony against this spirit/spirits(By faith see yourself receive the divorce papers from). 

Ask for a verdict: My Righteous Judge, I now ask that a verdict be rendered against the spirit and its cohorts, including every familiar and familial spirit working together with this spirit according to your word in Psalm 149:6-9. I ask that you will execute vengeance upon their heathen, the demonic kings and queens of sitting on my marital mountain, Jezebaal spirit, spirit husband or wife, marine spirit, the spirit of divorce and separation, ancestral spirits and all familiar and familial spirits standing against my God appointed husband/wife, and my marital union. Heavenly Father, I ask that their kings be bound with chains and their nobles with fetters of iron for this is the judgment written against them. I have this honor as your child through the blood of Jesus that was shed for me at the Brazen Altar and the finished work of the cross.  I ask that the spirits be cast into the abyss OR(where the Lord Jesus sends them), I forbid these spirits to return back to me or any of my loved ones, I forbid them to multiply or divide, and I forbid any backlash against me, loved ones, lineage, pet etc.) in Jesus name.

Sever the bond & ties: Father, by the authority you have given me in the name of Jesus; I break every soul ties, vows, pacts, blood covenants or legal documents between me and this spirit/spirits, it’s cohorts and every familial and familiar spirit working with them. Heavenly Father according to your word in Deut. 7:5, I break down the altars of this demonic spirit/spirits, I smash their sacred stones, I cut down their Asherah poles and I ask Father that your fire will burn their images and anything representing me or my lineage on their altars. Your word says whoever the Son of God sets free is free indeed, and I have been set free through the blood of Jesus.

Thanksgiving: I thank you, Father, for hearing my petition and granting my requests. I also thank you for the authority I have in the name of Jesus to come boldly before your throne. I thank you, Lord Jesus, my Advocate for your presence with me at all times and for pleading my case before the Father. I thank you Holy Spirit for being my guide and the revealer of all things, thank you for showing me the heart of the Father towards me. (Read a Psalm of praise in your own words give thanks to God a new beginning in your life).

Declaration: I now declare that my husband/wife has found me and has obtained favor from the Lord (Prov.18:22). I declare according to the word of God that my husband will leave his father and his mother and he will be joined to me and we shall become one flesh, and what God has joined together, let no man put in asunder. Just as Abrahams servant found a wife for Isaac, God the Father will lead me to my wife/husband in Jesus name. I will not choose a counterfeit in marriage, but I will wait patiently for God the Father’s choice for me in marriage.  I now seal my prayers with the blood of Jesus Christ. Amen!

I thank you, Father, for hearing my petition and granting my requests. I thank you that the hope of the righteous shall be gladness. I also thank you for the authority I have in the name of Jesus to come boldly before your throne. I thank you, Lord Jesus, my Advocate for your presence with me at all times, for pleading my case in the courtroom of heaven. I thank you Holy Spirit for being my guide and the Revealer of all things, I ask that you would show me anything else that I need to do as I wait on the manifestation of my answered prayers in Jesus name.