TESTIMONIALS – Divine Purpose Counseling And Coaching

TESTIMONIALS – Divine Purpose Counseling And Coaching

Testimonial on counseling & coaching

“I will tell my people about your name. I will praise you within the congregation”Psalm 22:22

From Condemnation To Blessings As I began my counseling sessions with Simi at Divine Promise Counseling and Coaching, I noticed everything about my life was quite a blur, and often I would be angry at my life. But as the counseling sessions progress with the help of Simi and the Holy Spirit, I began to make sense of the fragments of my life. I had so many broken parts, questions, hurt, and tears, but by the grace of God, through the counseling sessions, I was able to answer all my questions. H.C.H.

My Life as a Pharisee and A New Age movement follower I grew up without my biological mother due to her issues with addictions. Growing up I struggled with issues relating to belonging, feeling loved, rejection, self-worth, and loneliness. I always felt that if a mother really loved their child they would choose their child over drugs.  Since my mother didn’t choose me, I felt unlovable. I never thought that I was good enough, pretty enough, smart enough or talented enough, this affected how I related to my family and peers. C. Holmes

I now see myself the way God sees me! I received deliverance in several areas of my life after going through inner healing counseling at Divine Promise Counseling and Coaching (formerly known as True vine branches ministry). I had experienced rejection and jealousy by those I respected and trusted. Because of this, my views of myself was low, I also made inner vows not to allow anyone to hurt me like that anymore. I was very angry and could no longer trust others. S.P. (Alias: Redeemed & Delivered)  

My Spirit and Soul Are Healed My spirit and soul have been healed and restored as a result of working closely with Simi Adigun and Divine Promise Counseling & Coaching (formerly, True Vine Branches Ministries). I have been attending church all of my life, but I have finally figured out how to really pray through my problems leaning on the Holy Spirit. I would absolutely recommend  Simi’s coaching strategies to all ages. Her strategy will help mold you, direct and empower you in your spiritual journey with a Christ-focused core. S.Soli

My Joy Restored Before my counseling experience with Simi Adigun, I was an overwhelmed wife and mother of 2 who had lost her joy. I am saved and happily married, but I felt guilty and ashamed for feeling so down and depressed. I had everything I had prayed for. Marriage, children, a home, we earn a good living, my entire family loves the Lord and loves each other. What did I have to complain about? Well, I complained a lot. There is never enough time to do anything. I ‘m always tired, my baby-girl can be very difficult, the “Terrible 2’s” are real! My husband works long hours and sometimes 7 days a week. It was starting to weigh me down to the point where I wondered “What’s the point?” I would rather be in heaven. I felt like adulting – adjusting to adulthood and taking on so much responsibility was too much for me. Then I felt guilty for feeling that way. I wanted to just pass away. “They’re better off without me”. Tan. SJ
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    Divine Purpose Counseling & Coaching

Welcome to Divine Purpose Counseling And Coaching.

Our goal is to see lives transformed through God’s love and power and to walk alongside with people in their journey to fulfill their divine purpose and destiny in life.

We offer:

Inner healing 

Biblical counseling

Spiritual and Life Purpose Coaching

We serve those who are emotionally wounded through Inner Healing. We do this by helping our counselees see the root cause of the pain and trauma which may be covered up. We invite the Lord to bring healing, removing the negative pictures, and replacing them with pictures of His love so that the counselees can experience lasting inner peace as they continue their journey in life.

We provide Biblical counseling that helps Christians solve their problems by using biblical principles & guidelines. We help individuals deal with issues such as Rejection, Loneliness, Anger, Family, and Marital problems, Pre-marital Counseling, Discipleship, Stress, Anxiety, Self Image, Self Awareness, Fear, Worry, Anger, Resentment, Bitterness, and Unforgiveness.

Through our Spiritual and Life Purpose Coaching, we help individuals discover their meaning and purpose in life by walking alongside them and encourage them in their journey of moving from where they are to where they want to be, to fulfill their life’s purpose and destiny.

With a heart full of joy and reverence to the Almighty God, we welcome you to Divine Purpose Counseling And Coaching. May your heart’s desires be fulfilled as you continue on your journey in life and may you fulfill your divine purpose and destiny.

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Divine Purpose Counseling and Coaching

Yours in Christ,
Dr. Simi Adigun