The Unconditional Love Of Jesus Christ For Me

The Unconditional Love Of Jesus Christ For Me

The Unconditional Love Of Jesus Christ For Me


Unconditional love of Jesus Christ

I do not have to do something extraordinary for you to hug me,

lavish me with your smile, or shower me with love.

Your love gives me the confidence of breakthrough in the midst of every storm.

Your love for me makes me close my eyes when I go to bed at night, knowing your eyes are watching over me.

Your love for me is like a flower that stands strong and blooms in the midst of a scorched land.

Such love is priceless!


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Divine Purpose
Dr. Simi Adigun is a Christian Counselor, a Certified Biblical Counselor, a Master Certified Life Coach, and Retreat/Event Speaker. She is the Founder and President of Divine Purpose Counseling And Coaching & the Author of 21 Destiny Prayers. Her passion is to see lives transformed through God’s love and power. Simi teaches others how to develop a deeper relationship with God by recognizing His voice and experiencing His love. She coaches on how to find a deeper meaning in our spiritual walk by knowing the purpose and the heart of God for our existence. Some of the topics she coaches on are; Hearing God's voice, Dreams & Interpretation, Deliverance, Finding your Life's purpose, Happiness, Prayer & Intercession. Counseling, Training, and Coaching sessions are in-person or by phone, Skype, Online webinars or in Churches and Organizations.

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